Bespoke independent hypnobirthing courses & birth and postnatal doula support.  Honest, inclusive and relaxed classes and support in and around West Sussex.

I know that pregnancy is not only a very exciting time but can also feel incredibly stressful and scary.  We have not only our own natural fear of the unknown, but also often others stories and opinions.  Although we are incredibly lucky to have to have UK maternity system (and amazing midwives) many birthing people may find themselves struggling to make their voices heard, or may feel that they have little choice regarding their pregnancy and labour.  They may feel anxious about having a managed labour, or may be worried about how they will cope with a 'natural' labour.  Therefore, more and more people are looking at ways they can help themselves have a positive informed birth, feeling supported and able to manage their labour.  

By knowing your choices, by understanding your rights and by realising the positive effects that you are able to have using environment, actions and belief in your own abilities, you are able to step out of the one-size-fits-all system and move towards owning your labour and the birth of your baby.

My private hypnobirthing classes are tailored to you.  We can create a bespoke antenatal class that suits you, and we have time to focus on the parts that will effect you most, or go over subjects that need more time to help you understand them. 

For birthing people who feel they would benefit from extra support, hiring a doula may provide them with the confidence to birth in a particular way (this may be vaginal or it may be a caesarean birth), to advocate for themselves, or simply to know that they and their family have additional help where it is needed.

If you're thinking "ooh, please tell me more!" then give me a call or drop me an email to have a chat about how hypnobirthing or a doula can work for you.


My name is Nicky (Nic, Nicnoc, Nicola and many other names depending on who's addressing me!), and I’m a mum to two small humans, one fluffy bunny and one teeny-tiny dog.


I didn’t have perfect births, quite the opposite, but I still found myself loving birth, not only the idea of it but the physicality of it.  It is like nothing else you will ever experience and I found the experience intense, powerful and life-changing in more than simply the obvious way.  Even thinking about birth gives me goosebumps and has the ability to make me cry at the drop of a hat with the strength of the emotions.

However, the fact that I didn’t have the best experiences also lit a flame in me.  I knew so little, of my options, my power and my rights and I decided I didn’t want others to have the same experience.  For too many women, birth has become something to fear and the landscape of birth is weighted heavily towards making it far more complicated than it needs to be.

My classes are a full antenatal and parental education. I focus heavily on encouraging parents to know their power and know how to use that power within their birthing experience, and to be able to trust their own instincts throughout their parenting journey.

I am an independent hypnobirthing teacher; I am not aligned with or licenced to any birthing company.  This means I have the flexibility to adapt my teaching to suit my clients and to utilise a range of scripts and provide personal audios when requested.

I am on a personal journey to work in a way which is completely informed and to be aware of the full spectrum of different familial circumstances.  I try wherever possible to use language, images and depictions which are inclusive and diverse.  I work with a range of families, from all different backgrounds, and love being taught new things by my clients.

If you’re interested in finding out more about hypnobirthing or having a doula support you then I would love to chat more. 


“Nicky gave us all the information about the different choices but told us to make up our mind (and taught us how to do it”

Rebecca & Dan

“Thank you so much for the course which quite simply changed my whole perspective on birth and for coming to see us to debrief my birth. Your presence and calm helped at a time when the overwhelm was strong. Thank you x”


“I wouldn't choose to give birth in a health scare again but I would definitely book Nicky to do hypnobirthing again”

Javine & Pierre




Bespoke hypnobirthing and doula services in West Sussex.



Email: nicky@westsussexhypnobirthing.co.uk

Phone: 07714 311286

If you are interested in antenatal classes which are completely inclusive and designed for the whole community, with subsidised classes available for those on a low wage, then please take a look at the Facebook page for Glow Births CIC https://www.facebook.com/glowbirths

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